Tullan – Test Riding a few Powersource Boards

After being down with Mark (Powersource Surfboards) last weekend checking out what he had to offer; Colin and myself returned today to test out a couple of his boards… the only wave around was Tullan, about 2 foot or so slightly all over the place at times but when the sets rolled in the offshores held them up.

So we brought two boards to the water – a 6’10” Fish and a 6’8″ board which was a lot narrower than a fish but not quite a proper short board.

I was on the shorter narrower board with Colin on the fish at the start. The first thing we noticed was the huge difference in weight from our own 7’7″ NSP’s, the walk down Tullan cliff path is alot easier!

Getting the balance on the boards wasn’t too bad but its a big difference, when sitting up on them you’re really pushing the boards under water compared with the buoyant NSP’s.

I couldn’t catch a wave with the narrow board, balance and everything was fine but I just couldn’t get on them… I guess it takes a few sessions changing down to a proper board.

We switched boards over and I found the fish so much better… caught a few waves with it but as I said earlier they were all over the place at times.

So Colin and myself opted for the fish, Colin with a 6’10” and I’m going for a 6’8″. Have to send the graphics off to Mark soon and hopefully he’ll have them made for two weeks time for the next trip!

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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